Hi Susan!

I want to thank you again for your patience and suggestions for Meghan’s and MaryLauren’s beautiful wedding invitations! Our guests cannot stop talking about them and we sing your praises every day!

As you know the invitation sets the tone for the event!

Both invitations were gorgeous and definitely reflective of each bride!

I ask sending a photo of Meghan’s … she went to stamp collecting stores and purchased sheets of uncancelled vintage stamps from the early 1900’s…you can actually find them for below face value …!! and interspersed them with forever stamps ..she included stamps particular to the invited guests on their invitation.. hmm not sure where she found the time for that !!! So the actual cost to mail the invitations was much less.. but the stamps added up per the USPS!

We will probably be back to meet with you in another year or two with daughter #3!

Enjoy the last weekend of summer !

Sue Magargee

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